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“Asset protection”

money and lock / term insurance

Probate Court.
Living trust.
Irrevocable Insurance Trust.
Estate Planning.
Family Limited Partnership.
Buy & Sell agreement.
Life Insurance.



Understanding living trust and how to avoid probate court.
What should you know about estate planning, asset protection in year 2011/2012 and importance of life insurance policy.
Do you have enough life insurance coverage to protect your family?
How do I structure a life insurance policy? How does it work? Annual premiums, Death benefit proceeds, Insured/policy owner, The heirs. Life insurance prepares you for the unexpected. The choice is yours.
Protect what you have. Plan for what you want.
Do you have plan for the future?
Would like to keep absolute control of all your wealth including your business foras long as you live?


Shawn Rabban (310) 714-5616

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