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Automobile Financing

Commercial RealEstate Underwriting Guidelines

Equipment Financing Leasing Program

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Hard Money Loan

SBA Loan Procedure Policy


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Commercial Real Estate Underwriting Guidelines
Before you decide to make any real estate investment decision, you should know the basic factors that can be very helpful to you like net operating income, vacancy factor, Cap rate, down payment, loan to value, debt coverage ratio, operating ratio, and break-even. All lending institutions make real estate loans according to a specific formula which determines the credit worthiness of the client.
1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange
By reading this booklet, you can familiarize yourself with different IRS tax laws for property exchange. Like- kind property, qualified properties, related party transaction, determine the property vesting, basis, acceptable and non- acceptable expenses for exchange, who controls the Proceeds, boot, exchange period, identification period.
Hard Money Loan underwriting guidelines procedure and policy
Since banks don’t approved many loans because customer do not having Proper financial worthiness and required credit score, hard money loan became very popular for investors that want to have access to money who are willing to pay the higher rate. By reading this material you can become familiar with the process and understanding for your future obligations.
100% Equipment Financing and leasing
How can you obtain 100% equipment financing at the lowest price possible in order to increase The productivity of your company: improve your cash flow, advantage of leasing, credit process, return provisions , collateral, return policy, dollar buy out, and option to buy.
Automobile Financing
How much do you know about automobile financing and leasing? By reading this basic material You will become more knowledgeable so next time you can negotiate better terms and lower your monthly payments. The benefit of leasing, disposition fee, excess mileage charges, trade- in- value, lease payment, mileage allowance, money factor, residual value, finance fee, msrp, and rebate net dealer cost.
SBA Loan Procedure, policy and underwriting Guide lines
This loan program is suitable for a owner-occupied investor who wants to purchase a building for his business use. At least 51% of square feet of building area must be used for his business use and the remainder can be rent to another tenant. Under this loan program you can purchase a building with 10% down payment up to $5,000,000 at a very good rate for 25 years term. By reading this material you can become familiar with the different guidelines: Personal guarantee, pre-payment penalty, cash flow, loan term, loan to value, debt coverage ratio, collateral, interest rate, down payment, and business plan.
All the above booklets will be delivered digitally and all sales are final and none refundable. The important information you need to know before you make any financial decision.

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