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“Knowledge Is Power”

shawn rabban

During my twenty years in the business I have learned that information is power. Correct and up to date information is a corner stone of any effective decision making process.I prepared these booklets to enable real estate professionals and investors to obtain the information they need to make winning financial decisions easily.







Shawn Rabban



Shawn Rabban is the distinguished author of :

Investment- Money- Loan

Automobile Financing
Commercial Real Estate Conduit Loan
Carwash and Gas Station
Equipment Financing
Land Acquisition Development
Owner Occupied Property
SBA Policy & Underwriting Guidelines
Hard Money Loan
Do you have enough life insurance?
What should you know about estate planning?

In order to gain the most out of these booklets, I recommend to purchase any of the above materials to supplement and increase your knowledge in the field of real estate finance and estate planing.

Shawn Rabban, Author of Investment-Money-Loan, is a financial consultant with years experience in residential, commercial and business finance. He specializes in arranging SBA and commercial real estate loans for property owners and business entrepreneurs. Mr. Rabban is a highly acclaimed speaker who holds informative workshops and seminars throughout Southern California. His articles have been published in trade magazines and his expertise can be heard on his live radio program on channel KRSI and Channel One. He is also The Learning Annex Instructor of Commercial Real Estate Investment Analysis.

“With Shawn Rabban’s Formula, Your Money Will Grow!”


Shawn Rabban (310) 714-5616

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